Petite Feet

Travis Bliss - sax

Shane Simpson - piano

Jonathan Starks - drums


Nude Piano by Petite Feet is an engaging surprise.”

-Ethan Iverson (Do the M@th)

Petite Feet know where they are going, and they are holding the reins.”

“[Nude Piano] approaches some kind of an ideal where the music of the mechanical past and the techniques of the digital present can exist in harmony.”

-Ted Reichman

(July 4th, 2019)


Elite Syncopations 05:11

Maple Leaf Rag 05:02

The Easy Winners 03:43

Magnetic Rag 05:49

Wall Street Rag 04:26

Heliotrope Bouquet 03:53

The Entertainer 03:24

Nude Piano 02:30


Nude Piano is the debut record by experimental ragtime trio Petite Feet. It features selected ragtime classics by Scott Joplin as well as one original composition by the drummer, Jon Starks. Petite Feet combines traditional employment of acoustic instrumentation with contemporary electronic post-production. In the liner notes for the album, Ted Reichman describes Nude Piano as a confirmation that the current generation of young musicians is poised to make confident musical statements that embrace the beauty of the past and the possibilities of the present and future.”

About Petite Feet:

Petite Feet is Shane Simpson, Jonathan Starks, and Travis Bliss. Describing themselves as “just your neighborhood ragtime band,” Petite Feet draws heavily from genres diverse as dance music, glitch art, minimalism, free improvisation, and memes. Their debut album Nude Piano: Iconic Rags of Scott Joplin was released on July 4th, 2019. In his liner notes, Ted Reichman calls the record "a blast of musical hope," and Ethan Iverson compared hearing the record to listening to John Zorn's Naked City for the first time, "a moment when so many impossibilities became possible." Petite Feet is the ensemble-in-residence at New England Conservatory’s summer program Jazz Lab.

About Band Members:   

Travis Bliss is a Brooklyn based saxophonist, improvisor, and composer from Mattapoisett, Massachusetts. As an avid historian of 1920’s jazz, Travis has developed a unique saxophone style, re-purposing the wide vibrato, rhythmic sensibility and timbral nuances of the 20’s, re-contextualized for 21st century musical situations. Travis has performed with Anthony Coleman, Ted Reichman, Joe Morris and has performed at venues such as Spectrum, Sculler’s Jazz Club, The Stone NYC, The Nash AZ. Travis graduated with a Masters in Jazz Performance from New England Conservatory in May 2017.

Shane Simpson is a pianist, composer, and music teacher based in Brooklyn, NY. Originating from the North Shore of Chicago, Shane has performed in cities throughout the US, and he appeared at the Panama Jazz Festival in 2017. His mentors include some of the best pianists and improvisers in the world including Fred Hersch, Anthony Coleman, Bruce Brubaker, and Ran Blake who premiered Shane's original composition Bright at the Kitano with vocalist Sara Serpa in 2016.

Jonathan Starks is a drummer and electronic music producer hailing from the deserts of Phoenix, Arizona.  He is currently in his final year of graduate study in Jazz Performance at New England Conservatory and has worked closely with renowned drummers Billy Hart, Rakalam Bob Moses, Jerry Leake as well as composers Ted Reichman, Davide Ianni, and Anthony Coleman. He has performed in a multitude of venues across the country, notably the Kennedy Center’s Eisenhower stage in April of 2016.


Heliotrope Bouquet -
Magnetic Rag -
Wall Street Rag -

Notable Performances: 

The Nash - Phoenix, AZ - January 2018
New England Conservatory - Boston, MA - 2017-2019
Les Zygomates - Boston, MA - June 2019
Helen Hay Whitney Foundation at MIT’s Endicott House - Dedham, MA - November 2017


Link to Ted Reichman’s Liner Notes.

“The music of Scott Joplin is still fresh when played entirely straight. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t need wild new arrangements. Of course we do! Nude Piano by Petite Feet is an engaging surprise. Ted Reichman’s liner notes (from the Bandcamp page) are helpful.

Shane Simpson, Travis Bliss and Jonathan Starks have used their instruments, their laptops, and their ears to guide this musical contraption into a constantly changing, clangorous, kaleidoscopic mishmosh of time and space.

It’s goofy as hell but you can tell that the performers also simply love the music. Listening to Nude Piano took me back to the first time I heard John Zorn’s Naked City 30 years ago, a moment when so many impossibilities became possible.”

Ethan Iverson on Do The M@th



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